Jenna Starar

Looking back at Starar’s career so far, it’s hard to believe how far they’ve come in four short years. “I guess it was just a matter of building upon our successes, as they happened,” says lead singer and guitarist, Jenna, “Each time we worked on a new EP, we’d work on a new style, blending in the best parts of every release that had pricked our ears.” Steven, on the other hand, puts it slightly more bluntly, “When we put a set of songs out there, the feedback would always be tremendous, but you still have to develop a sound that is both unique as well as contemporary to your audience. If you want to build that audience, you have to try new things to keep people interested.”

Working and living between various uk provinces and the capital London, the pair have explored various means of online promotion, from Youtube exploitation and Twitter fanship, to a massive Facebook following that incorporates the Instagram photoset-craze, Soundcloud free-release exclusives and more recently Vibe and Viddy clips to keep their fans on the edge of the their seats. Their sound has crosses a wide range of genres so far, from Pop Rock to Disco, Ambient Minimalism on one single, then flawlessly seguing into Country on another. These days, they have been working in the Alternative Indie area, with stunning, sterling soundwaves of melancholy atmosphere, ambiental audioscapes recalling Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, Wildcat! Wildcat!, Sigur Rós and Haim. “We wanted to focus less on the dancing and more on the beauty of the melody, if that make sense,” explains Jenna, “We’ve experimented with both areas of pop music, and I think it’s time to come back to the interaction between harmony and the sound of the track, rather than how big the production has been pushed, or how radio-friendly it is, if that term isn’t even redundant these days.”

For their live shows, the duo have picked guitars and sang harmonies with bass guitar backing around the shires and districts and a few impromptu sets in London to expand their fan base. “Our sets are quite dynamic, we combine our original, recorded backing-tracks sans bass and rhythm guitar, and perform live bass and acoustic whilst singing two-part harmonies,” says Steven, “I love playing to a good, happy, engaged house.” There’s one thing for sure, they’ll be keeping audiences engaged for years to come.

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