Ken Klaus and Blow the House Down

As a lifelong blues harmonica player and vocalist, it’s a pleasure to record this live, acoustic version of Bruce’s “The Tide Will Rise” – his ode to the grit, determination and difficult lives of the Chesapeake Bay watermen who ply the waters for an ever diminishing harvest of fish, crabs and oysters.  I’ve spent many years on those waters, witnessing the incredible beauty that she holds, so It is my hope that you’ll sense our regard for the courage and devotion of the watermen as you listen to our interpretation.

We are especially grateful to our friends who made this recording possible:  Si Twining (,  Nalani and Sarina Bolton (background vocals) and my lifelong musical brother Fred Warren (guitars), Kenny Kearns (keyboards) and particularly my band, Blow The House Down. Please come see us when you’re in the Philly area.

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