The ALS Association

Bruce Hornsby and Melissa Reagan

Bruce Hornsby and Melissa Reagan

Melissa Reagan began Bruce Hornsby’s community of followers, both on and offline. She was his assistant right in the very beginning, and worked for him full-time until March 2007. Any contact that you had with Bruce’s office, or newsletters, or e-mailed responses was all from Melissa.

Melissa lived with ALS until her passing in 2010. You can read her daughter CiCi’s candid writing about that experience at

“ALS is a death sentence, a jail cell, an all-encompassing hell of a reality. ALS robbed me and my sisters of our mother, took a wife from my step dad, a daughter from my grandparents. I am livid. Nothing will ever make up for it.”

Melissa spoke to me shortly after her diagnosis, and gave me some advice which has resonated ever since:

“Never forget to enjoy each day even if your life isn’t exactly what you want it to be. The blessings are always there though sometimes we have to look a little harder”.

In 2010 we resolved to do as much in Melissa’s name as she did for us, to fight this terrible disease. The ALS Association, and specifically the DC, Maryland and Virginia chapter which cared for Melissa, have benefitted from your generosity over the years, and we’re asking you to please consider a donation to them once again.