Holiday Jam with The Hegg Brothers

I suppose it seems weird that this track comes from a live performance of a holiday tour. The two of us Hegg Brothers, often just a keyboard duo with vocals, realized a few years after starting up our two-piece act that we were essentially doing something similar to Mr. Hornsby’s group with one keyboardist (Jeremy) playing the lead piano parts and singing lead vocals and his younger brother (Jonathon) playing a lot of textures for ambience and organ while singing backing vocals. Essentially we wanted to make the two of us sound like four. But why not go for ten musicians every now and then when you can. So we started up a holiday tour that has been going for nine years with a fun network of musicians from around the country that have some connection to the midwest.


Holiday tours can be tough. First off there are so many of them. And if you wish to do it annually you need to make sure you occasionally infuse some tangential material to keep it fresh and somehow figure out how to tie it in. As big fans of Bruce’s group and adventurousness we look for as many ways as possibly to sneak his material in to wherever we can. And since we live in Sioux Falls, SD (where this recording was done at the end of our tour) we figured it had some meaning to us as we grew up twenty miles away and the two cities are split by the Big Sioux River. So in a way we have gone “across the river”. This cover mimics the live versions we’ve heard and thought this group of fine musicians would be a nice fit for it. We hope you enjoy. For more information visit


Jeremy Hegg – Piano, Lead Vocals

Jonathon Hegg – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Allison Nash – Backing Vocals
Derek Hengeveld – Drums

Andrew Reinartz – Bass Guitar

Xopher Smith – Electric Guitar

Charles Sanders – Organ

Noah Hoehn – Percussion, Harmonica

Matt Wallace – Tenor Saxophone
Jim Spiers – Trumpet

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